Thursday, December 10, 2015

Let it BURN!

Every year for Christmas, the kids make handmade presents 
for our family and friends.
This year the boys have discovered wood burning.
I handed them a few pieces of scrap wood
(to kind of get the hang of it before burning our actual gifts!)
And as you can see from their "doodling,"
they got the hang of things pretty quick!

I purchased some pretty bamboo cutting boards and wooden spoons and let Mary Grace draw on them.  
She's currently into drawing gigantic heads with hands and feet coming out of them.

Cute, huh?

Then one of the boys traces her drawing 
with the wood burning tool.

What is left behind is a permanent etching of her artwork,
and a functional piece of kitchen ware.
The boards and spoons are already sealed
so there is nothing else to do except wrap them up.

The cutting boards will get a big summer sausage, package of crackers, and wedge of cheese wrapped up with a pretty ribbon for gift giving.

But this work-in-progress by Kyle 
(our family tree!)
 is going to get scooped up by 
before anyone else can get their hands on it!

Happy Elving!!!