Wednesday, February 20, 2019



Here I finally sit TWO WEEKS after my surgery.
It's been a really rough two weeks, and quite honestly, I was not prepared for the severity of the pain I endured post op. 
Also, mobility was a way bigger issue than I anticipated.  
Just getting to the bathroom was a monumental task requiring my own personal team of assistants!
So basically, what I've been doing for the past two weeks:
Wake up in pain, hobble to the bathroom, take a hand full of medication/pain pills, sleep for hours, repeat.

The surgery itself went very smoothly.  
Technically I had a:
Triple Arthrodesis
Bone Graft
Achilles Lengthening
And a Realignment of my Hindfoot

In layman's terms:
Fusion of the bones in the top of the foot with a
grinding down of my heel bone to use for "grout" 
as my surgeon would call it.
Cutting my Achilles tendon to lengthen it
And putting a gigantic screw through my heel bone to realign my foot.

Sounds like fun, huh?

Here's what it looks like:

This is NOT my actual foot but this is a picture of the exact surgery I had.

It has taken me this entire two weeks to clear my head of the strong narcotic pain relievers I had been prescribed and to finally be able to be mobile without any assistance. 
Can I say,
may God bless the inventor of the knee scooter!

So that's where I'm at now, slowly getting into a new routine of self care and managing the household as best I can.  Doug and the kids have been AMAZING and I am so thankful they love me so much.

In another week, I get my stitches removed and a fiberglass cast.  
I will remain in the cast until the fusion has healed 
which will take 6-8 weeks.

Now don't feel sorry for me!
I planned for lots of diversional activities 
while on this forced "vacation."

Danny has started baseball season 
and we have a full calendar of games and events.
I have seedlings to start and gardens to plan.
Lent is right around the corner...
suffering might be this year's theme.
And I'm going to teach myself to paint in watercolor.

And of course, I have this space to talk about it all with you!

Friday, February 1, 2019

The Most Important Surgery Prep of All!

 My surgery is happening in just a few days 
and I feel like I'm pretty well prepped.
The house is cleaned, meals are ready in the freezer, 
furniture rearranged for easier mobility, and everyone is clear on their upcoming responsibilities....
ESPECIALLY my seven year old.

She has the most important job of all.

She's in charge of my morning coffee.

Coffee IS life.
And my brain doesn't function until it's adequately caffeinated.  

The nights are going to be long during this recovery.  
I never sleep on my back, much less on my back with my foot elevated in the air.  So this morning cup of coffee will be essential in waking me up, helping me mimic socially acceptable behavior, 
and keeping me out of prison.

And I've taught my girl just how to make the perfect vanilla latte!

Who needs a milk frother when you have an 
energetic seven year old?

We'll work on her "milk art" later...

Mama's perfect cup of coffee made with a LATTE love!