Sunday, March 30, 2008

Cloth napkins

I came across some of my vintage cloth napkins today. I collected these treasures from yard and estate sales but never used them much because I wanted to "save" them for a special occasion. Who am I kidding? We hardly ever have dinner parties or special luncheons, so I thought I would get a few out to use this next week. I put them in a cute little basket on the edge of the counter and hopefully I'll remember to use them!

Who knows, maybe I can get the boys to start using their napkins and stop wiping their mouths on their sleeves!


CassB said...

Those are really cute!!

And when you figure out how to stop the boys from doing that...let me know so I can get mine to stop ;)

MamaEscandon said...

I've been thinking about making the switch to cloth instead of paper towels. Forget going green, I'm cheap!

JoAnnC. said...

AMEN my cheap sista! I already do two loads of laundry a day, so what's a few napkins thrown in?