Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Grow box on the cheap!

I saw THIS IDEA on The Cheap Vegetable Gardener and thought it was brilliant!
My poor tomato seedlings were getting very leggy and definitely would not support their true leaves, I couldn't let all those weeks of growth go to waste so action was required STAT! I planted them up to their seed leaves and tucked them into this improvised grow box:

The idea is simple but effective! I just duct taped a string of Christmas lights to the lid of a plastic bin and tucked my plants inside. It's nice and warm and the light will be just enough to keep my seedlings from getting too leggy again. Keeping a small amount of water in the bottom of the bin will keep my plants moist and provide a bit of humidity in this dry, cold climate.

Plus, I just love the warm glow the box gives off!

The kids complain that the seedlings are getting better treatment than they do!

Hmm...they may be right~

I tell them that my little seedlings don't back sass, argue with each other, or leave their dirty underwear lying around for me to pick up!


Anonymous said...

Have you done any research? Do you know how many lumens it takes to properly grow A plant, let alone 20? I suggest that you do some homework before you put the wrong ideas into peoples heads.

JoAnnC. said...

All I know is that it worked. No, I haven't done research into this. I am a simple home gardener and found an inexpensive way to grow seedlings. It worked for me and I know it might not work for everyone. I've used it two years in a row now and will continue to use this method until I can afford a better one!