Tuesday, July 5, 2011

All about motherwort

When I found out we were expecting way back in February, I made sure to plant motherwort in the herb garden! It's just now coming into flower and ripe for harvest...good thing, too, a tincture takes at least six weeks to brew!

You take motherwort tincture (tea from the plant is very bitter!) when you need a bit of mothering...like after having a baby, or anytime you feel stressed or anxious.

Like many herbs, motherwort is named for its medicinal purpose. It has several specific actions which benefit mothers and women in general. This herb is NOT recommend during pregnancy until you reach the last few days of it (39 weeks and greater). It can be used to treat false labor pains and to bring about a sense of peace during labor because of its sedating qualities. It is highly recommended for postpartum use to tone the uterus, decrease bleeding, and to increase milk production. It is also a wonderful remedy for the baby blues (which I tend to get horribly!)

This herb also has great cardiac benefits as well. It lowers blood pressure and rapid heart beat. It also acts as a sedative to calm the nerves and promotes a restful sleep.

The leaves and flowers are harvested when the plant is in full bloom and can be dried for tea or soaked in alcohol or glycerine to make a tincture.

Read more: http://www.brighthub.com/health/alternative-medicine/articles/73304.aspx#ixzz1QOcoipBG

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