Thursday, September 13, 2012


Sorry I have been absent from this space, but managing a family of seven has been kicking me in the butt lately!

It's a usual September, we are getting back in the routine of homeschooling, chores, and kid's activities.  Doug has decided to go back to school as well and that has been an adjustment.  Work is killing me, as usual....and I'm continuing to pray to win the lottery!

It's the simple day to day events of life.
I'm not complaining, but a nap every now and then sure would be nice!

I hope to get back here soon.  I have some wonderful projects to share.


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Anonymous said...

Family first...we understand... {I am taking the liberty to talk for all your com mentors! :) } Take a breather once in a while!!... You can't run full steam ahead all the time! We will be so happy to hear from you...When You Have Time. Whenever that is. We will be back to check off and on but in the mean time wishing you time to enjoy the love of your family. Sarah