Monday, March 4, 2013


The weather this weekend was absolutely gorgeous!  We spent Sunday outside soaking up sunshine and tending to a few chores.  I'm trying to get my seedlings out in the sun every day to keep them from becoming too leggy.  So far, so good!  Below is my first venture into growing flowers from seed.  "Love in a Mist" was a free seed packet received from Baker Creek Seed Co. when I placed my order this year.  I also have some purple coneflower and floxglove sprouting.
I finally got someone to sand our sad and abused kitchen table!  Years of meals, schoolwork, art projects, etc...have left it pretty beaten up.  Kyle took it outside and sanded it down for me.  
It looks almost new again!
He also built some benches for our fire pit from pallets and salvaged wood.  The pallets and scrap wood were FREE (picked up from around town), we just paid for the screws.  
What a deal!
It wasn't long before the boys were tossing around the footballs and baseballs.  Mary Grace LOVES the outdoors and thinks she can do anything her brothers are doing.  
Daddy had to share his football with her...
And then she made off with Kyle's football, too!  
Yes, the game came to a halt when the little princess demanded BOTH footballs to carry around.  
Not throw, or kick, or share... just carry.

And the funniest thing is is that the boys let her!  
Had it been a younger brother that took off with the balls, you can guarantee an immediate pounding would have occurred to get them back. But they just giggled, watching her prance around.

Yes, I think she is the princess of the castle ~
 and we are her humble minions!

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What a great weekend!