Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Halloween, just a few days late!

We had a super fun day on All Hallow's Eve starting with pumpkin carving.  The boys did great jobs on their pumpkins 
(and freaking out Mary Grace with "pumpkin guts!).
Kyle carved this awesome skull in a cave:

We stopped buying costumes years ago because I insist that we make them, I think it's sooo much more fun that way!
We had watched, "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" a few days earlier and Danny thought it would be funny to be Charlie Brown in his ghost costume.  There really is nothing better than a plain white sheet and black paint for a ghost costume!

"Did you get anything good in your treat bag, Dan?"

"I got a rock."

John Paul totally embraces the 
guts and gore of the season:

A little face paint and LOTS of fake blood 
and we have the "Turtle Creek Slasher!"

Last of all is the 

I made this princess dress without even asking Mary Grace what she wanted to be.  After raising four boys, I was going to get my pretty pink princess, dag-nabit!  
When I revealed her dress to her she was totally disappointed.
"I want to be Cookie Monster!" she said.
"Too bad, sister!  You're a princess THIS year!" I said.

And once she realized people give you candy, 
she was OK with it.

Now time to raid my kid's candy bags,
but not Danny's, 
all he got were rocks!

Happy Halloween!

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