Thursday, January 21, 2016

Birthday Week!

Everyone in our family has birthdays grouped together, in January,
 it's me and my Danny-bird!

Our birthdays are only two days apart.  
I remember when he was born and the hospital staff I worked with had a lovely cake delivered to my room.  I nursed him and ate birthday cake and I tell him that was our first birthday together.....I'd also like to mention he hates when I tell that story!

Danny wanted a HUGE chocolate cake this year for his celebration,
and he got it!  
It did not disappoint!

We went out for wings and then an afternoon of laser tag, arcade games, ropes course, and bowling.
Just what every eleven year old wants, right?

My birthday, on the other hand,
was just what every 47 year old, girl at heart wanted.

Doug took me out for a very romantic dinner 
(NO kids invited!) at the Melting Pot.

We had cocktails, fondue, hand holding, 
wonderful conversation...

And I didn't have to yell at anybody across the dinner table 
to behave....well, except once for Doug.

Birthday is just the first day of a 365 day trip around the sun,
I plan on enjoying the trip this year!

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