Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Garden Hack For the Budget Challenged

I usually want all the things, and I want them NOW...
I just don't want to pay for them!
Gardening can be very expensive but if you get out and check out your surroundings, you may find that there are plenty of resources to be found - for nothing!
The Colorado River runs through our town.  One day, Doug took the kids down to one of the river banks to explore.  While there, we found the most amazing bamboo forest.....and I've been harvesting from it ever since for my garden.

There is lots of luscious, green bamboo around.  
You don't want that! 
It takes a strong arm, a sharp machete, and a LOT of work to get it.
Go for the dried, dead stuff.  
Chances are it's already laying on the ground ready for you to pick up, or a simple pull and it comes right out of the ground.  Plus, it's easy to just snap off the lengths you need instead of getting out the hacksaw.

See, I'm all about frugality AND energy conservation!

So many sizes and shapes, perfect for every need in the garden.
I haven't bought tomato cages in YEARS because I can pick bamboo for FREE!

Bamboo weathers beautifully and is super sturdy for climbing plants like cucumbers, cantaloupes, peas, and squash.

Add a pack of clothes pins from the dollar store and you have pretty garden markers for herbs and flowers.

Just be aware, in a house full of children, the bamboo might also be used for things other than gardening!

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