Monday, April 9, 2018

The Scoop on Poop

When you have raised beds in the garden, you MUST feed them regularly.  I used up all my compost making new beds this season so I though manure would be the way to fortify my soil.
There is a wonderful place down the road from us,
I called and the owner let us have all the poop we could scoop
(and 'free' is music to my ears!)

Is there anything sexier than a man hauling rabbit poop?
I don't think so!!!

Rabbit manure is a nutrient rich way to help your garden 
grow and thrive.
Unlike other manures, which have to be well composted before you can even think of using it in your garden, rabbit poop can be immediately applied to your soil. As the rabbit manure decomposes, it helps build up the structure of the soil, and injects valuable nutrients and organisms into your garden that will promote strong, speedy plant growth. 
 Rabbit manure, in particular, is rich in potassium, nitrogen, zinc, and calcium, and it’s one of the most nitrogen-rich manures out there – so you’ll get lush, green, well fertilized growth. 
...and did I mention it was FREE?

This girl doesn't need gifts of flowers, candies, or jewelry!
Just fetch me a truckload of rabbit poop for the garden
and I'm swoooooning!

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