Thursday, May 1, 2008

I've got good news and bad news...

First the good news!
We had a very productive and busy day in our household today. Today was the day that the boys had to submit their projects for the county youth fair. Ryan and I spent from 9:30 until 2pm cooking and cleaning up and I think he's got some winners here!
From left to right: white bread loaf, apple pie, and rosemary herb bread. You cannot imagine how good our house has smelled all day long!
Kyle had his projects done days ago and we matted everything up today:
He has two beautiful nature photos and a drawing of the Wharton courthouse. I cannot tell you what a good job he did. Every brick, piece of iron work, even the little hands and numbers on the tower clock are just perfect! If he doesn't win a blue ribbon for this, I'm going to faint and die!
We headed to the fair grounds around 4pm and checked in the projects:
There were LOTS of kids there entering projects, that was really good to see! But even better were to the TONS of homeschoolers there entering projects!

Now the bad news...

We came home to this:

THANK GOD it missed the house and the car! Our minivan is usually parked right beside the car and kids are usually in the driveway this time of day. No one was hurt and the car is apparently fine with just a few scratches!
Still, I am just sick and stressed!
The day before yesterday, my children and I were verbally assaulted by one of our neighbors (just for being a Catholic homeschooling family! I suppose if we were bigoted atheist terrorists then that would have been fine with him! ) and now all of THIS happens! When it rains it pours I guess!
And speaking of pouring...I'm going to pour a nice tall glass of something, take a hot bubble bath, and do a little more pouring...and drinking...maybe some more pouring...definitely more get the picture!

Leave a comment...I needs some loves...


Sonya said...

Sorry about the tree if you need help getting it out call and we can come down and help. Don't let the verbal abuse bother you, I got it too. A newspaper reporter in Huntsville did a story on us when we lived there and used it against us. Several of my "friends" who were teachers were so offended by us homeschooling,like we were doing it because we thought they were "bad teachers". Sheesh! Those with liberal views are the least "liberal" when it comes to Believers and faith in Yeshua! The Lord said it would be like this, He will fight this battle we are to take His weapon of Love and to "pray for those who spitefully use us."

celticcherokee said...

Well, 'Job', I'm so sorry that you are going through this fire. I am thankful though that your van was not in the drive and more importantly that YOU and your CHILDREN were not.
Your children did some awesome work and I know that you are righfully very proud. May God bless you with some ABUNDANT JOY just around the corner. Until then, relax in your bubbles and whatever else it takes! ;o)

Therese said...

oh dear JoAnn,

I would be looking for a long soak and big drink too after something like that. I am glad and I bet you are too that your car wasn't there and the children weren't either.

Veronica said...

What a day JoAnn! Glad you survived it all. (hugs)