Saturday, May 31, 2008

Pizza on the Grill

Pizza on the grill? You heard right!
I was skeptical too, then we tried it - and it RAWKS!
I used the ciabatta style rustic pizza dough recipe and when you get to the step where you spread it out on parchment paper, just spray the surface of the paper with olive oil AND the surface of the dough. This keeps both sides well oiled and prevents sticking to the grill grate. You can use the dough immediately for a thin crispy crust, or let rise while you prepare the grill and veggies for a little bit thicker and chewier crust.
Once your grill is ready, cook your toppings. We grilled some veggies from the garden, some chicken, and sliced some mozzarella. Next, spray the grill grate with olive oil. Take your dough, still on the parchment, and put it on the grill. Then peel away the parchment and lower the lid on your grill. Once the bottom is browned and has nice grill marks, flip it over with a spatula or tongs. Then top with your meat, veggies and cheese. Lower the lid again to melt the cheese and brown up the other side. When done, place on a cutting board and dig in! I highly recommend you serving this with a pitcher of sweet tea or an ice cold Rolling Rock beer!

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Therese said...

mmm. This looks good JoAnn. I am going to have to remember this next spring.