Monday, July 7, 2008

The bane of my existence!

I have a test to take on Thursday. It's called Advanced Cardiac Life Support or ACLS. Let me put it mildly...I'd rather take a beating with a baseball bat than take this test! Yes, I'm a nurse and should know this stuff, but I'm a LABOR AND DELIVERY nurse. Big difference. BIG! I've been dreading this for months (and I should have studying, I know, I know) but reading this stuff is like reading Chinese! I've delivered babies for 17 years and now they want me to know algorithms, cardiac rhythms and medications!!! If I wanted to learn all that crap I would have been an ICU nurse!
I figure I can approach this thing three ways:
1. Cry like a baby.
2. Answer their questions with questions. For example, if the instructor asks me what I would do for pulseless electrical activity I will quickly ask him what he would do to deliver a breech baby. That should throw him for a loop!
3. Be the new best friend of the smartest person in the class. I'll make a pit stop by the local coffee shop for a mocha and donuts for two!
Well, I'm off to study and probably won't be back to blogging until the hellish torture is done. Prayers would be much appreciated!


Veronica said...

If anyone can do it, it's you JoAnn! I'll be praying for you.

Therese said...

many prayers. If it was me, I would opt for cry like a baby.