Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Birthday Fun!

We had an awesome day in Houston celebrating Kyle's birthday! Let me tell you something about Kyle, that boy was born with a football in one hand and a baseball in the other. He is a total sports fan and we thought we would surprise him with a tour of Reliant Stadium - home of the Houston Texans.
The tour was wonderful. We had the guide and the stadium all to ourselves! We even saw Matt Schaub, the quarterback for the Texans, talking on his cellphone outside the locker room! It was really fun and the kids totally enjoyed it. We are now plotting, planning and saving for tickets to a game soon.
After the tour, Doug and Kyle were DYING to check out the Astrodome (it is no longer open to the public and is quite dilapidated). Doug has such fond memories of seeing the Astros play there. We drove around the Dome just seeing the sites when all of the sudden Doug, using his Jack Bauer like skills, decided to walk into the maintence entrance! He and Kyle walked right onto the floor of the Dome....and no one said a darn thing!
Kyle said being in the Dome was the best part of his day!
We had lunch at Fudruckers and the kids played video games. We came home, went to the pool, then had dinner and a big'ol Toll House cookie "cake" for the birthday boy!
We are exhausted, to say the least, but everyone had a good time. I will not mention the air soft rifle that Doug bought for Kyle. I'm sure I'll be blogging how someone shot an eye out and we ended up in the emergency room very soon!
Happy birthday my precious boy!


Kalona said...

What a fun birthday! Happy Birthday, Kyle. Don't shoot your eye out! :o)

Therese said...

Happy Birthday Kyle. It looks like you had a fun day.