Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Artists at work

It's almost time for the county fair and the kids are getting their projects ready! All the boys are submitting a record (in our family, at least!) TEN projects each. It's a lot of work but the payoff will be free admission to the fair grounds all week.
John Paul has completed one project so far, you may have already seen his painted birdhouse. His second entry will be a hand sculpted Holy Water font:
He crafted it out of Sculpey all by himself, he baked it (with a little help from mom), and painted it this morning. I think it's just lovely! After a good spray of shellac, we can mount it by the door for many many blessings!
Kyle is also submitting a hand sculpted piece, a facing of the Alamo:
He did it from memory and all he used was an exacto knife!
This photo does not do this piece justice! The detail is incredible, right down to the planters in the windows! If this doesn't win a blue ribbon I don't know what will!
I'll continue to post their projects as they complete them and will let you know how they do at the fair.


Sonya said...

You Go Guys!!! The projects are awesome!, let me know when the judging is and we may get to come down and see all that BLUE!

Kalona said...

Wow, those are both great projects! They are talented young men, JoAnn.

jessica said...

I'm seriously impressed!! You've got some VERY creative, talented boys. :-)