Monday, March 16, 2009

Have (bento) bag, will travel...

I was feeling better by Sunday and decided to whip up this cute little bento bag from scrap fabric from my stash. The front has this long pocket that is just right for a water bottle (or a cold pack if you need to keep your lunch cold.)

The inside is nice and deep. It will hold a two tier stacked bento, extra fruit, and a tea cup & honey bear! When working 12 hour shifts it's a great "pick me up" to sit down to a nice lunch and tea time.

There are literally thousands of bag tutorials online, so I won't bore you with this one!
You can find many of them HERE.

I've been fortunate enough to pick up lots of shifts this week through my nursing agency, so I'll probably be scarce much of the week. I'm trying to talk Doug into posting on our blog...he's got a lot to say about the state of this nation and a new movement of people who are ready to do something about it!
And say a prayer for him, he's going to be here all week schooling, feeding, cleaning, chauffeuring, etc...while I'm working in ADDITION to all the things he needs to be doing for his business.

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