Monday, July 13, 2009

It must run in the family...

Doug had a photo shoot in Austin a while back and took Kyle along for the trip. While Doug was shooting a bridal session on the steps of the Texas state capitol, Kyle was shooting a few pictures of his own...

I think he has a great eye for an eleven year old.

These weren't taken with Doug's professional camera, they were taken with my tiny little Kodak Easy Share!

I think we'll enter some of these in next year's Wharton county fair.
Kyle got a blue ribbon last year for one of his entries!

Who knows, in a couple of years he may be giving the old man a run for his money....or at least a little help with his photography business!

By the way, nice legs, Dougie!

1 comment:

Rachel said...

Nice pics! I especially like the exterior shots of the Capitol and the interior of the dome (I always did have a thing for domes..don't know why).

Nicely done--and nothing like "Creamer & Son photography" on some nice business stationary :-)