Monday, August 24, 2009

And so it begins again...

...another year of homeschooling for the Creamer kids. It's our ninth year to be exact! This year's main focus is going to be learning about the beginnings our of country and the intent (and documents) of our founding fathers. There are great historical lessons to be learned there as well as studies in character and moral development. Our goal is to instill moral ethics based not only on our religious beliefs, but also on strength of character and knowledge of the rights and privileges granted to us by our forefathers.
I hoping for a great year!
Best wishes and prayers for our other homeschooling friends and families!

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Rachel said...

Tuesday after Labor Day is our official annual startup date. Makes it easier to remember plan around. Plus, it gets us over that "Dad has the day off" thing--I don't want to be starting school on his day

Using a particular curriculum this year, or going with something more eclectic?