Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Story and update on Doug for all our friends and family not on Facebook....
I'm sorry I didn't call anyone, but I'm sure you can understand how overwhelming things have been. I'm relaying everything here so I can say it once! The past 24 hours have been a blur, but here's the lowdown:

Doug got up yesterday with a really rapid heart beat. He called me at work but I just kinda brushed him off (that ought to get me the Wife of the Year award, right?). He calls me back about an hour later and says he thinks he needs to go to the ER. I meet him down there and right away he doesn't look good. He was pale and shaking. After we check in and he is triaged, they put him on the cardiac monitor. His heart rate was 170-180's! The doctor was quick to assess him and they drew blood work, started an IV and gave him a cardiac med called Cardizem. It didn't work right away so they put him on a drip of it. They also started him on a drug called Digoxin. A couple of hours later he was still in atrial fibrillation and they decided to move him to ICU.
Doug's parent's were at the hospital by this time and I took the opportunity to check on the kids. Of course they were sick with worry! I sat down with the lot of them and explained everything best I could. We cried and hugged and cried some more. We prayed as a family. I packed up some essentials, called in a pizza order for the boys, picked up dinner for Doug and headed back to the hospital. By the time I got back, Doug was in ICU and settled. They let him eat dinner but said he couldn't have anything by mouth after midnight. They were thinking they might have to cardiovert him in the morning. Cardioversion is a process where they put you to sleep in the operating room, stop your heart, and then restart it with a series of shocks.

I don't have to tell you what Doug or I was feeling about THAT!

Doug's parents very graciously picked up the little ones and took them to their home. Ry and Ky stayed home to "man the fort". They prayed and prayed as well. And as the prayers of children are so pure and innocent...God heard them, and I believe it was during this hour Doug was healed.
He and I were holding hands and watching TV around 7pm. I looked at the monitor and his heart rate was in the 80's. Five minutes later it was still in the 80's, and twenty minutes after THAT it was STILL in the 80's! Doug's nurse came in with a big grin and I asked if he was "cured". She said yes, it did look like he had coverted on his own! She slowed down his drip and called for an EKG. A little while later, the drip was discontinued and all was right with the world again!
Other than lack of sleep, Doug had a great night. He stayed in a normal rhythm all night long. He is still in ICU awaiting some more tests, but he should get to come home sometime this afternoon!

God is good and merciful.
Your prayers are greatly appreciated.
And my husband can totally RAWK a hospital gown like nobody's business!

Pass the word along or link to the blog, I just can't tell this story over and over!
I'll be updating more on Facebook as the day goes on.


Kalona said...

JoAnn, I'm just now seeing this, and am so relieved that Doug is doing well now. What an awful scare for all of you! Praying for Doug's health, and thanking God for His mercy.

Yvonne said...


I am so happy to read your happy ending to this scary time for your family. Prayer is so powerful!

I hope you need not to see Doug RAWK in another hospital gown for a very, very long time! ;-)

Linda said...

JoAnn, I'm so glad I checked in. Prayers of thanksgiving that Doug is well. Give him a hug from us.

miss you all