Thursday, December 3, 2009

The annual Creamer family Christmas card, um, I mean photo shoot!

You know it's the holidays when you drag the kids out for the annual Christmas card photo! Trying to get just one usable shot is an all afternoon event around here.
Let me explain why...
Trying to get four boys to all look one way at once...impossible!

Cute pic, but I can't see little Danny!
And what the heck are they all looking at?

Somebody is always talking smack.
It usually results a smack-down from one of the older boys...then the crying starts...and somebody always ends up with red puffy eyes and a runny get the idea.

Hey Danny, quit shoving rocks in your pockets!

Then inevitably somebody starts giggling...usually over fart jokes.

Then Dan pulls out his stash of rocks and the throwing begins!

Hey, at least this year no one got hurt!

Check your mailbox soon for the one picture we were able to get!