Monday, December 7, 2009

I love my country neighbors!

As the snow was falling Friday morning there was a knock on my door. One of my wonderful country neighbors brought by a mountain of delicious tangerines from her tree. She picked what she could to save them from the snow. Man, they were soooo gooood!

Then I got to thinking...

...and ran outside to harvest what I could before the ice and snow devoured my garden!

Too late!

I did get three big heads of broccoli cut and a bunch of collard greens, and sent them down the road to our kind neighbor.
We'll see if anything survives this blanket of snow!
If it doesn't, that's ok.
The sight of that snow and the joy my kiddos had playing in it was all worth it!

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Rachel said...

We didn't get any snow (even though we are farther north than you are), but did get the North Pond frozen over completely (not solid, but frozen across the top).

We've had (obviously) several hard freezes already this year, so while I wish I had been able to get some things into the ground, well, I'm just as glad I didn't--because they wouldn't have made it through this weather, and it would have been alot of effort for nothing, for us.

GL getting some more out of though. Do you have any straw or anything you can use to mulch/cover them over with, even briefly? I'd definitely suggest knocking off whatever snow/ice you can, gently, before you do any covering/mulching...