Thursday, January 7, 2010

Bed warmer

It's COLD here in south Texas!
Usually cold means lower 60's...but thanks to global warming, the nights are dipping down into the low 20's and 30's!!! Not only is it cold, but it's damp, and nothing chills me more to the bone than cold and wet. I usually relish sliding into cool bed sheets at night but it takes me more than a miserable 20 minutes or more to warm up - so I decided to remedy that!

I made a bed warmer from some scraps of material and rice.

I made it just a little smaller than standard pillow size. I also sewed rows and filled the channels with rice. It keeps the rice in place instead of being a giant dead weight. Just pop the bed warmer into the microwave for five or more minutes then place it in bed. I always put mine where my feet will be first! I go get in the shower and when I come out I move it around to warm up my bum spot while I brush my teeth.

Let me tell you, it is DIVINE!
This rice bag is also good for general aches and pains...just heat for 2-3 minutes instead of five!

Of course, I mean no disrespect to the
original bedwarmer...


Kalona said...

JoAnn, you are too clever! I love the bedwarmer, and the pretty fabric you used. I have a neck warmer I made from one of Ron's old long Army socks. I filled it with rice, and tied a knot in the end. Heated in the microwave and placed around my neck, it really helps soothe those achy neck and shoulder muscles, but it's not nearly as pretty as your bedwarmer.

Rachel said...

LOL--I'll just wrap the warmed cast iron up in a felted wool sweater. LOL. I think DH would have a conniption if I used "perfectly good rice" for a bed warmer, lol. :-)

Of course, I have DH the "husband heater" to share the bed with. The man is like sleeping with an un-insulated hot water heater. Fortunately, I do not let the "husband heater" wrap himself around me, because I'd roast. LOL. But I do encourage him to go to bed before me, :-) .