Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Going Green (again!)

When we lived in Houston recycling was easy. You were furnished a great big 'ol bin for free and once a week the waste management company would come to your curbside to pick everything up. It was really nice and convenient!
When we moved to Wharton, however, I couldn't find a recycling bin much less anyone to take anything recyclable. I worked in Bay City at the time and there was a small center there. So weekly I'd load up the van and drop off our trash before or after was a small pain in the backside!

When I stopped working in Bay City our newspapers and plastic bottles piled up. We'd take them when we could, but that was not often. I felt so guilty for taking them to the curbside for regular trash pickup.

I was really disheartened that our small town didn't have a recycling center! I'm not an environmental hippie, a tree hugger, or the trash police, but in this day in age it is the responsible thing to do! I was beginning to wonder if anyone around these parts even knew what recycling was! I was on the verge of writing the city manager a letter when I happened to drive by the Public Works Dept. of our town one day.

Sitting there behind a chain linked fence were rows and rows of bins for every recyclable known to man (even hazardous chemicals!) Apparently they'd been there since the dawn of time and I had driven by them almost every. single. day. since we moved here four years ago!

I think my brain might need recycling.

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