Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Wasp Trap!

Wasps and summertime are synonymous. They are everywhere out here in the country! I found a cheap and easy way to deal with the situation around our house and all you need is a few items you probably already have laying around:

plastic bottle
box cutter
duct tape

First, cut the top off of your bottle with the box cutter:
Make a hole in both sides of the bottle top and thread with string to make a hanger:

Invert the top and place inside the bottle.
Run a piece of tape around the cut edge to secure.

Fill (not all the way to the bottle opening) with a strong sugar solution or crushed fruit. Apparently, the wasps go in to eat but they are not quite smart enough to fly out! They fly around frantically, get tired, fall into the water and drown.

We didn't catch any wasps today, but it might take a while for them to figure out where the yummy stuff is....or as John Paul likes to call it, the sugar water of death!!!!


The Creamer Family said...

We are so trying this. George is allergic, and I have to do recon every time we go outside. Thanks for the brilliant ideas!!!

Sandy said...

What a wonderful Idea! I was just out on my deck trying to get a wasp nest out of a bird feeder.. they were not happy!
I will make several of your 'catchers' and put them around the deck.. thank you for this!

Meadowsweet Cottage said...

Make that three! The wasps love my pond--I'm definitely going to try this :) Thanks!

zentmrs said...

Great idea! Thanks for sharing!

debiclegg said...

We have used something similar when we were camping for bees. We would leave some of the soda in the bottom. I never thought about putting a hanger on it or to use it for wasp. Thanks for the idea.

Followed you here from the TGP!

Athena at Minerva's Garden said...

This is a great idea, and I like that it is very inexpensive--thank you for posting this!

Heather said...

Ooooh, I have never seen a homemade bee/wasp catcher like this... very cool and clever!

visiting from TGP

Ott, A. said...

Just stoppin' by from TGP. This is a good idea. last summer I had trouble with hornets, but I haven't seen them yet this summer. If they come around, I'll have to give this a try.

Jami said...

Love it- thanks for sharing at the TGP!

Anonymous said...

We use these at campgrounds and auto racetracks. A small amount of pop or soda works like magic.
Maybe to make them "decorative" you can use plastic bottles of various colors or use colored tape to make designs.
It would make a great scout community project to donate (the container part) to a town picnic or festival.

The Creamer Family said...

We made these, and they worked! Love the idea! Thanks, JoAnn.