Thursday, September 16, 2010

Garden planting & garden markers

I finally got around to planting the garden boxes nearest the house this week. All of the more fragile vegetables went there to protect them from frosts.
Danny and I planted:

Lettuce ~ 3 varieties
Swiss Chard
Bok Choi
Garlic Chives
and Turnips

I had some extra concrete cast leaves that were either broken or not quite up to par, so I used them as garden markers!

I just wrote on them with Sharpie, but next time I think I'll hand paint them.

They'll get a pretty patina on them over the winter, and if you "paint" them with a water/yogurt mixture, they'll grow moss!

Now if I can just keep the boys from using these as frizbees or projectiles, I'll be in good shape!

(How do you think the casts got broken in the first place!?)

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Rebecca Groom said...

love it JoAnn! I always enjoy reading about what you are planting and how you are marking things! You are very creative and have great ideas!