Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Potions and Concoctions

This is what my pantry shelf is full of right now!
I'm mixing up new herbal tinctures while others are ready for bottling. Elderberry, hawthorn, feverfew, elecampane, and cayenne are among my potions and concoctions to keep us healthy this winter. We also add a whole foods vitamin/mineral supplement, vitamin D3, raw honey, and lactofermented foods to our diet.
We had great success last year without so much as a sniffle!
I'd much rather have a little tincture in some fresh squeezed OJ daily than be subject to the flu shot...especially for my children.

***Disclaimer***What I have written is how I, personally, use my herbs. I am not a doctor, and am not giving anyone medical advice. Information I am posting is from reference books and personal experience to be used (or not) as you see fit.


Linda said...

Where are you getting the elder berries? How do you make that tincture? Elderberry syrup costs me a fortune every year.

Linda said...

Ok, never mind. I see the other posts now. Sorry!

JoAnnC. said...

One one lb. bag of elderberries ($11.00) from Mountain Rose herbs lasts us one cold season. Fill a one quart jar 1/3 full of berries then fill with cheap vodka or brandy. Let steep 3 months for full effect but can use as early as two weeks. Shake jar often!