Monday, January 24, 2011

The big forty-deuce!

My forty second birthday was last week and what did I wish for?

New clothes?
A weekend getaway somewhere romantic?


I wanted one of these bad boys:

Yes, this girl wanted a COMPOSTER!

Nothing makes me happier than dirt! And not just any dirt, dark, rich compost for my garden is what makes me happiest. I'm totally giddy over this gadget!

Now I can turn leaves, grass clippings, and kitchen scraps into black gold.

Surprisingly, the boys are super excited about our "new toy" as well! They were more than happy to help me fill it up for our first load and they LOVE giving it a spin (which I encourage them to do often!). We should have quite a bit of compost to help start our spring garden - this baby has a 60 gallon capacity!

If you'd like to see the kids in action with the composter, check out their
You Tube Vlog video:

Compost Happens!
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