Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Pity Party - table for one, please!

Y'all...I am SICK!

Not just a little head cold, I am talking full blown body aches, hacking cough, and ungodly amounts of phlegm! I have been staving this off ever since Christmas but the virus has won and taken over my body!

I am totally blaming work for my predicament. Sick patients hacking in my face and then I never sleep right due to working nights. I try to do too much on my days off and I just can't function anymore. All the supplements and probiotics I'm taking can't combat the stress my body is under and so I've succumbed to sooo sucks!
Thank goodness for Doug and the boys. They are staying reasonably well and taking great care of me while I whine and moan!

So I'm going to go drink about half a bottle of NyQuil now and crawl back under the covers...see you when this passes (or I pass! Whichever one comes first!)

1 comment:

Mum2eight said...

well I hope the cold passes before you do.

Prayers for a quick recovery.