Thursday, April 14, 2011

Someone hitched a ride in with the flowers!

Every morning I like to go out in the garden and cut some fresh flowers for the kitchen table. This morning I got more than flowers! This little guy hitched a ride inside with the amaryllis:

After we had a good laugh, JP and Danny had fun trying to catch him and put him back outside...oh that poor little froggie will never be the same after encountering the Creamer boys!


Tamara said...

So envious- gorgeous flowers and a not so bad looking lime green frog lol. I would love to see more of your flowers and know what varieties you have. We have planted some bulbs and are trying to see what survives up here in the DFW area. Ahhh fresh cut flowers (heck- I'll even take the frog)

Keep up with the blogging- love it


JoAnnC. said...

I'm more of a vegetable gardener than I am a flower gardener! I branched out two years ago and got some REAL rose bushes ( I have tons of the "knock out" variety). I also am growing hydrangea - my favorite, and have some flowering trees and bulbs like daffodils, gladiola, and amaryllis. Every year I try to add a new variety to the yard. We're getting there slowly but surely!
Thanks for visiting my little blog!

Anonymous said...

My husband says I have too many flowers and need to plant mostly veggies. Yet who could resist having some of each! :) I used to have frogs in the garden but haven't seen any for several years. I think the neighborhood cats took care of them and most all the lizards. That is sad. Your flowers are so very pretty! Happy holidays. Sarah