Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The annual Christmas card photo fiasco!

Every year it's the same story...

I do have to admit that this year was definitely better than the last few. I only had one stroke and didn't lose my voice! You'd think these kids were at the age where they could take simple'd THINK!

Most of the time JP, Danny, and Abby weren't even looking at the camera. Funny thing is is that wherever the dog was looking, the kids were too.

Then the giggles start.

Then there are the two oldest who are waaay too cool to be posing for family pictures. These guys look like they're trying to make the next cover of GQ magazine!

Abby gives Danny a bath.

Then Mary Grace gets one, too!

Up to this point, Abby was the most well behaved of the bunch! Hopefully we'll be able to salvage just one out of the dozens taken!


K said...

There must be some mathematical formula to show the exponential increase in stress in direct relation to the number of children (and pets) in a holiday picture. The last few years if I send out a card it is a collage. 2 kids here, 3 kids there, etc...picking enough pictures that everyone gets on the card somewhere. We managed to get a very nice group shot after Easter Mass. Although it is 7 months old and Max has totally changed we will probably use it if I send out cards. I might try and see what we can come up with after Katie comes home on break but I'm keeping my expectations very low. If I want to push myself over the edge I'll try and include the cat and dog but I'm just not.that.crazy. :D

JoAnnC. said...

Karen, I think of you every year I do this!!! You are so funny!

Therese said...

We have only taken pictures of all our children once. It was an experience that I still remember. I think Christopher was a baby then and he is nearly 7 now.

We had family photos taken just after Joseph was born and I got a friend to do them. That was much easier and we had some really great shots.

Anonymous said...

They are treasures everyone. But like all treasure sometimes you have to dust/chip off the rough edges. you have no idea how much this old granny treasuress these pictures each year. You can come help Janet dispose of them when I have gotten my reward.

Anonymous said...

I loved every one of them! :) The GQ comment was right too! :) Which one did you choose? Try to get the kids and your husband and you too in a picture once in a while..all standing so later all can compare heights. Seems all family pictures have one parent or none. Parents are always taking the picture never in them...later you or the kids wonder what you looked like in those long ago years and have no idea! :) Sarah