Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I used to make bento lunches all the time. It was such a nice little treat to open a pretty little boxed lunch during a long shift! I'm going back to bentos in an effort to control what I eat as well as how much. Here's what I packed for Monday's lunch:

On the right: Oatmeal with black berries and raspberries for breakfast.
Top: Ham sandwich with bell pepper strips and olives for lunch.
Front: Hummus with pita chips and cucumber slices for afternoon snack.

Preparing lunch the night before makes me really think about my choices and the bentos make the portion control easy. I'm really going to try losing some weight and getting off of my diabetes medication this year!
(And yeah, I said all of this last year! I lost 25 lbs....then got pregnant! I will NOT be doing that again this year!)

This "Lock and Lock" bento system comes with leak proof lids and a pretty little carrying case. Check it out on Amazon.com HERE.