Monday, February 27, 2012

My one day weekend...

I was feeling a little under the weather on Friday, Saturday I had to work, but Sunday I was "on call"...

...and they never called!

So I headed out to the garden and harvested a TON of turnip greens! After a cleaning and blanching, these beauties went into the freezer for future meals.

I also planted 80...yes 80 little onion bulbs!
I planted them among the already growing red onions I planted last summer. That way we'll have a double harvest this year!

Then I weeded the lettuce and chard beds.
This is "Bright Lights" swiss chard and it certainly lives up to it's name!

I only had one day to my weekend, but it was a very productive day so I guess Monday will be my "day of rest".

Someone please inform my children!

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