Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The garden trellis

Shortly after planting our summer garden, I gave Kyle the task of building some trellises. I didn't want to spend any money and knew he could make some lovely creations with the scrap wood and fallen limbs from around the neighborhood....and he did!
Our neighborhood has a "burn pile".  It's a huge pile of yard waste that gets burned every so often.  From that pile he cut three large, fairly straight limbs for the teepee structure of the trellis.  The tops were bound with natural jute.
From there he fastened on shorter sticks and limbs to make the structures below, each one a little different from the others.
They are really works of art and the pictures don't do them justice!  Soon they'll be entirely covered with cucumber and melon vines.  Growing vertically doesn't only save space in the garden but it keeps the fruits off the ground and prevents disease, pests, and rot.
And even after the summer growing season is over, I think these beauties will remain in the garden! 
Thank you, Kyle, for making your mama so happy with your handiwork (who knew all it took was some sticks and twine!).

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Anonymous said...

that boy is an artist as well as a think green conservatist. Yeah Kyle.
Aunt Nancy