Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I'm not green, I'm just cheap!

Pinterest did it again and gave me an idea for a project that I just couldn't live without, 

 Reusable baby wipes

 Yeah, at first mention this sounds pretty gross, but the idea is not only cost effective but much healthier for our little Mary Grace. 

I had no idea, but some of the chemicals used in baby wipes have been linked to cancer, immuno-toxicity, allergies, developmental problems, reproductive toxicity, organ dysfunction, endocrine disruption and cellular changes.

No thank you. 

We already have two children with skin sensitivities and I'm not risking it (or anything else!) with the Divine Miss M!

 To make your own baby wipes, you start by cutting up old tshirts, flannel receiving blankets, old towels, practically anything will work. I have tons of those small flannel newborn blankets so that's what I used. I cut them in 7X7 inch pieces and that gave me 16 wipes per blanket, not too bad!

I used pinking shears so the edges wouldn't fray (but really, who cares about fraying when you're wiping baby poo?).  Then folded them in half to fit inside an old wipes container.

There are hundreds of wipes solution recipes online but I went for just plain and simple:

2 1/2 cups water
1 TBS. baby oil
2 tsp. of castille soap
(I also added 2 drops of lavender essential oil and it smells oh so very goooood!)

Mix the solution and pour over wipes.  
How simple and CHEAP is that?


Anonymous said...

Great idea, but what do you do with them once you have used them.
Years ago when we used cloth diapers, after rinsing them in the comode we would place them in a covered bucket of borax water - a natural element - until time to wash them. No dryer so the sunshine did the rest of refreshing them. Aunt Nancy

JoAnnC. said...

I have a bag clipped onto the dressing table they go into. It goes through a rinse cycle with a bit of bleach then a regular wash cycle.

Anonymous said...

muy bien! I should have guessed.

westcoastgrace said...

I'm so glad to see everyone is returning to a simpler and healther time. When my boys were babies we only had clothes, a good washing was all they needed to be put into service again. Nothing extra to buy and nothing to throw away. At the time we just thought it was work but who knew we would come to know it as bliss.