Monday, June 18, 2012

No time for blogging today!

Silly me! 
 I thought while I was working my 12hr weekend shifts that someone would pick a tomato or three, but nope...
I picked these beauties late Sunday evening, and I cannot say that it was a chore, I was like a kid on an Easter egg hunt!
I'm going to spend my Monday canning tomato sauce while the kiddos do schoolwork at the kitchen table...they might even help me fill a jar or two...maybe!

I also harvested one of my garlic beds.  Almost 50 new bulbs came out of one bulb of store bought garlic!  After we clean them up, I think we'll try to make a garlic braid for them to dry in the kitchen.

No rest for the weary today,
but maybe Mary Grace will let me take a nap with her later this afternoon!


Anonymous said...

what a harvest! did the new kind of tomatoes ripen on the vine?
How do they taste.
"aunt nancy"

JoAnnC. said...

They are pretty good, that is, the ones that the birds and the bugs didn't get! I've been bringing them in a bit green to save them from my garden thieves!