Monday, February 4, 2013

We play with our food!

For Christmas, Uncle Scott bought Mary Grace a plate with the face of "Wooly Willie" on it. You know the one, it's where you move metal shavings around with a magnetic pen to give him different looks.  With this plate, you use food to dress up Willie!

Turns out my bigger boys have been playing with Willie at meal times!  They load up their plates and work their way down to his smiling face.

Danny gave Willie some sun glasses and a beard out of pancakes.

Then the glasses get moved to hair on top of Willie's head.

Then Danny eats his beard and shoves the hair to the sides of Willies head and says...

...and this one looks like daddy!

1 comment:

Kalona said...

Ah ha ha! That is too cute. I like Wooly Willie. I'd seen those plates before, but didn't realize who he was.