Thursday, September 19, 2013

Hurricane Mary

Hurricane Mary strikes again!

I put together this cozy little reading nook for our toddler, Mary Grace, in hopes she'd pull out a book for us to snuggle up with and read.  I envisioned quiet moments with me reading to her and helping her to develop a love of books. 

She loves books alright!  

She LOVES throwing them off the shelves, she LOVES coloring in them, and sometimes she LOVES ripping out a particular page to show me.
Yes, Hurricane Mary is definitely rocking my boat at the age of 23 months!  Maybe it's because I'm raising a toddler at the age of 44, maybe it's because of working and homeschooling that I'm exhausted most of the time, or just maybe it's that red hair of hers that makes her so wiley!

I often think of all that I went through to get her here 
(you can read my story HERE.).
 I think about how she has her father wrapped around her little finger.
I think about how her older brothers are her happy minions.

 I think about my life and all the wonderful blessings we've been given...and then I think to myself,

Yes, I can weather this beautiful storm
but Lord, give me strength!

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