Sunday, October 6, 2013

A Peck of Pickled Peppers

I tend to leave my peppers on the plant a little longer because I just love the different colors of red and orange that they turn.
I left these peppers on the plant longer because I simply 
forgot about them!

I've learned that sometimes the garden likes a little bit of neglect.  I'm ok with that!  Especially since this summer has been so hot and dry, good thing that peppers like that kind of weather.

So one morning I hauled in this pepper stash and spent the day pickling.  Let me tell you, processing any kind of pepper is dangerous work.  You should definitely wear gloves and possibly eye protection, the fumes from the cut peppers and brewing pickling liquid can fire you up.....and not in a good way!

But the end product is delicious and oh, so pretty!
Pints of pickled peppers lining the pantry shelves makes me happy, and the boys, too.  My older boys eat these peppers on everything.

The weather here in Texas is turning cooler and I'll probably only get one, maybe two, more harvests from the garden.  Hopefully, we'll be enjoying these peppers well into winter to warm us up!

Here is the super simple recipe I use but I like to add double or triple the garlic and a bit more sea salt.

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