Sunday, October 20, 2013


October is a big month of celebrations at the Creamer house!
On Friday, John Paul turned TWELVE years old.  
He reminded me that he is officially a "tween" now.

JP is smack-dab in the middle of all our children 
with two older brothers he tries to imitate, 
and two younger siblings he tends to like a mother hen. 
 It can't be easy being in the middle and I see it in him all the time ~ too young to hang out with the big boys yet too old to play with the little kids.

I don't worry too much about this boy, though.
He's carving out his own path quite nicely.
He's funny, talented, creative, and there is NOTHING he can't achieve once he sets his mind to it.

A birthday spree at the LEGO store and the giant wall of bricks!

Happy birthday, precious boy!
I can't wait to see the young man you become
(but don't do it too fast, mama wants to hang on to her little boy just a bit longer).