Sunday, January 26, 2014

The hunt

This past weekend, Kyle participated in a 
hunt and harvested his first doe.

Please stop reading now if you are squeamish about blood or dead animal carcasses.

We found out about the Texas Youth Hunting Program during a basic hunter's education class offered by the 
Texas Parks & Wildlife Department.  
This program is for children ages 9-17 and educates them not only about hunting but conservation, habitat, and ethical decisions regarding hunting.
In addition to the Hunt Masters, wildlife biologists and land owners also participate in the hunts and teach these young hunters how wildlife management promotes conservation and health of the species.

It's not just about the kill, 
it's about the harvest. 

It's about the legacy of hunting in Texas, 
and insuring quality wildlife for future generations.

It's about equipping young hunters with the skills necessary to process their harvest and feed their families.

And for Kyle and Doug, 
it was an awesome father/son bonding experience.
Memories that will last a lifetime were made this weekend.

And thank you to their guide and Hunt Master, Doug, 
and hunt hosts Shirley & Harry.
You made quite an impact in the life 
of an awesome young man.

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