Monday, January 13, 2014

You GLOW, girl!

They say that a journey of a thousand miles
 begins with a single step.  
For me, this journey began with a hospitalization.  
In May of 2013, I was hospitalized for hypertensive crisis. 
 I had blood pressures at 190's over 125.  I was discharged home on four different blood pressure medications.  
I felt like I was dying.

I knew I had to make some big changes in my life and one of those changes was exercise.  I have always loathed exercise but figured I could at least start by walking around my neighborhood...
and so, I took my first step.

I will never forget that first lap around the block!  
I was so short of breath and in some serious pain, I really didn't think I could make it back home, but I kept on going because I was either going to die outside walking or I was going to die doing nothing at home.

It got easier as the days and weeks passed.  
One lap turned into two...then three....then four.

And now I'm up to walking 3+ miles, 2-3 times a week.  
My health is so much better, I don't feel like I'm dying, and I don't take blood pressure medicine anymore!

This weekend I participated in my first 5k, The Glow Run!
So what if I walked the entire thing?  
and in under and hour which was my goal.

I still have a long way to go in this journey to get healthy, and with the support of my family, I'll get there.  
The boys had so much fun at the Glow Run that they've already picked out our next 5k:

If you're in the Houston area, join us!
It all begins with a single step...


Anonymous said...

Girl, you ROCK!!!

You've really inspired me, so much so that I just took a small 10 minute walk. About all I could handle today but I will try again tomorrow and every day and hope to make it longer.

Thank you!! Seriously. :)


JoAnnC. said...

OMGosh! That made me cry! 10 minutes is AWESOME and its so much better than 10 minutes on the couch! We will inspire each other!!!
God bless!

Anonymous said...

W've been hit with snow/ice/strong winds lately but I managed to do a little walking in the basement. Haha.. better than nothing. And I "walked" for 30 minutes!! I thought I'd be dead today but honestly I'm feeling pretty great! Muscles a little tight but in a good way. :-D

God bless you too, friend. :)