Thursday, May 15, 2014

They're baaaack!

Every year I plant dill in the garden,
and every year the Black Swallowtail caterpillars find it.
I even go to the trouble of planting in different parts of the yard each time...but they always find it! 

They're pretty smart little boogers,
I wish my kids could find their stuff so well!

Their first year here, we took them inside and kept them in a big jar to watch them transform into butterflies.  
You can read all about it HERE
 It was really fun back, not so much!
I wanted that dill for my pickles and other recipes!

But I get a kick out of the kids continual curiosity with them.  Multiple times a day they go out to check on them, 
they've even named a few.

The caterpillars have won this round by endearing themselves to the kids (they really are kind of cute!)  so I'm headed to Walmart to pick up another pack of dill seeds...and maybe some bug netting, too!

I will have pickles!!
(saying as I shake my fist in righteous anger!)

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