Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Life's a Beach!

So we take off to the beach right after Mass on Sunday 
and arrive to this:

A wall of seaweed!

It was so thick that we could not even make it to the water!
But the kids didn't care, and we made our camp on the nice sandy part of the beach and then the digging commenced!

I snuggled into my chair for the day and Danny was kind enough to bury my feet in the warm sand.  Turns out that a tall cup of sweet tea and listening to the sound of waves crashing and children playing is terrific therapy!  

I opened my eyes for a second to see the big boys burying their little brother up to his neck.  I started to fuss at them but the guys said they had a plan...

There is always a "plan" with boys,
isn't there?

Pretty clever, huh?
A sand mummy and mer-man!
I loved that they were working together, laughing,
 and having a good time.

Mary Grace supervised the projects from her lawn chair, 
always with a cookie or bag of chips nearby
because supervising is hard work.

Even our dog, Abby, got to come for the day.
But she thinks the beach is over rated because 
there was not one squirrel to chase!

We had a great time despite not getting in the water, and now I can add washing towels and vacuuming out the van to my list of chores Monday morning!

(It was totally worth it!)

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Mama Brightowl said...

Looks like everyone had fun! That is on the top of my list of favorite things to do - relax on the beach with a book!