Monday, June 9, 2014

It must be summer!

Because I have 'cukes comin' out of my ears~
and that means it's

I used to hate, like REALLY HATE, bread and butter pickles.  I couldn't understand why anyone would want to eat a sweet pickle!  In my opinion, if you're going to eat a pickle, it's got to be crisp, garlicky, dilly, and just a bit spicy.
Recently, by mistake, I had some sweet pickles on a hamburger....
it was delicious!
And ever since then I have been a believer in the goodness of bread and butter pickles!
Here's my recipe for making them:

Pack 7-10 pickling cucumbers into quart sized jars 
with half of a thinly sliced white onion.

Make a brine of:

2 cups apple cider vinegar
(Use an unpasteurized vinegar like Bragg's) 
1 1/2 cups of honey
1 Tbs. mustard seed
1 Tbs celery seed
2 Tbs sea salt

Pour this mixture over the cucumbers.

Place lids on jars and give them a good shake to get rid of all the air pockets and put them in the fridge.  They'll be perfect in two weeks and will last months in the fridge.

And because I love them so, I made a batch of good 'ol lactofermented pickles!

Here's a post on how to make them:

Here's to summer time and eating pickles, 
which ever ones you prefer...sweet or sour!
Get your pucker on!

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