Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Bottle Tree

A bottle tree in the garden is totally a southern thing, y'all.

I have been wanting a bottle tree in the garden 
for quite some time now.  
I think they are just beautiful!
But I also think I'm becoming one of those people,
you know the one, 
the crazy neighbor who has too much yard art.

I'm not that bad yet, but I'm working on it!!

This wasn't exactly the style tree I had planned when I was having bottle tree fantasies. I had pictured a free flowing, tree-like form, but whenever I came across those, they were ridiculously expensive. So I had Doug buy a 4x4 post and Danny and I hammered in nails for the bottles to rest upon.

It's a work-in-progress!
She's mostly "nekkid" right now, but she will evolve over the year as I collect bottles here and there.  I'm so tempted to go buy wine this very minute for the pretty bottles and just pour the wine into another container because 
Impatient = my middle name.

Bottle trees add such a nice touch of whimsy to the garden and have wonderful benefits such as never needing to water, prune, or fertilize.  Plus, they are rumored to catch evil spirits roaming around at night! 

It's a tree that even the laziest gardener can't kill,
but they might stumble a little going out to the garden after drinking all that wine and beer!

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