Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A busy month!

Y'all, July flew by for us!
It's been really bustling in the Creamer household,
here's what we've been up to:

Ryan graduated from WCJC 
(actually his second graduation from a program there!)
and he has been super busy preparing to take his state boards. 


He passed his Cosmetology boards with flying colors and now has a job at Visible Changes that he really likes.

I like that he has full time employment!

And even though he's a fancy shmancy hair stylist now, he still makes time to take care of all of us with free haircuts!  

And if that wasn't enough, 
Ryan celebrated his 20th birthday!

I feel so old. 

Kyle had a birthday this month, too. 
We celebrated by going to an Astros game.

That boy is a die hard Astros fan!

He also got his very first job working at the local BBQ joint.
Sometimes he comes home with leftover ribs and kolaches.

My husband loves Kyle's new job.

Family selfie
I love that things have finally settled down and we can get back to our normal routine and a new home school year.  

Things don't stay quiet around here for long.

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