Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Poop Happens!

Last week we were bombarded with lots of rain here in south Texas.  The natives were getting restless being cooped up for so many days, so I picked up some little things to keep them entertained.  One of the items was Play-Doh, because even at the age of 45, I still love the smell and squish of this stuff!

I also passed by a section of the toy aisle dedicated to pranking.  My boys LOVE pranking, especially when their victim is their father.  I saw a small Play-Doh like kit called...POO-DOH.
And as the mother of four boys, 
I knew my kids had to have it.

Let me tell you, this stuff did NOT disappoint!
There they were, the boys and Mary Grace, sitting around the kitchen table getting along, laughing, and telling every poop joke known to man...
and making every color of poop known to man...
for HOURS!

The kids got their prank on by putting some 
on the carpet for dad to discover after a hard days work.

Pretty real looking, right?

But being a veteran father of five, he fell for it for 
about half a second before getting retaliation.

A week later they are still giggling and joking about poop.  
They are also plotting and scheming.  
I'm not going to give away all the details, 
let's just say that the upcoming holiday season will be 
very eventful!

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