Monday, September 15, 2014

Running of the Bulls

On Sunday, Kyle and I participated in the 
Houston Texans 5k race, The Running of the Bulls.
Kyle is a HUGE Texans fan!  
So much so that he got up at 5:30am to head into Houston.  
Check out my still bloodshot eyes in our pre-race selfie...

The event was huge, but really fun.  The race course went all around NRG Stadium, the Astrodome, and the Texans practice field affectionately called "the bubble."  We really had the best time together and he totally pulled me through the race because I haven't worked out in weeks!

The race ended by running through the Texans Toro tunnel, which is the same one the football players run through at the start of games.  Here we are at the finish line, I'm a hot sweaty mess and Kyle didn't even break a sweat!

The after party was on the floor of the stadium, 
 which I believe was Kyle's whole motivation for going.

Well, that and CHEERLEADERS.

When Doug was about Kyle's age, he had some photo opps with the then Houston Oilers cheerleaders, the Derrick Dolls. 
Kyle thought it would be funny to recreate his dad's photo.

So here 'ya go...

Thanks for being my 5K buddy, Kyle!
But I think next time we'll ditch the cheerleaders 
and go on a zombie run instead!

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