Monday, April 18, 2016

The Forgotten Gourds

I grew some Birdhouse Gourds one summer then stashed them away in the back of my garage to dry.

That was TWO YEARS ago.

I simply forgot about them!
That's what happens when you have five kids and a full time job.

The boys stumbled upon them today.
They were covered in mold,
but I still thought they were pretty, so I went to work on them.

 After a light sanding, I shook the heck out of them to loosen the seeds inside and cut a hole in the front with a sharp kitchen knife.

The seeds came right out 
(and after two years of drying they should, right?) 
And after a quick spray with shellac to seal them,
they were ready to hang.

And a whole ton of seeds to plant again this summer.

Hopefully it won't take me two years to process the gourds!

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L Helmers said...

We grew a bunch of these several years ago and then had our 4-H club all paint, decorate them, and turn them into bird houses. It was a great project for all the ages. Good job saving your seeds!